Alexander Technique Workshop for Musicians

with Michael Parkinson and Theodora Kapellou-Parkinson


Samstag 20. April
10:00 bis 12:30



Alexander Technique Centre Vienna     
Franzensgasse 5/47

1050 Wien



Max. TeilnehmerInnenzahl: 6


Anmeldung und Information:
0676 9414212  
0699 12305412


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How is your stiff shoulder today?

Is the pain or stiffness in your shoulder, neck or back an inevitable part of life as a musician? My experience as a freelance orchestral player in London for 15 years told me that almost all the colleagues I worked with suffered some form of physical complaint or another. But not all of them talked openly about it. Those who hire musicians for a concert tour of Europe or even further afield would be wary of engaging a player who is suffering constant back pain and who might not be able to endure the pressures of a busy concert tour!
Therefore, many musicians tend to suffer in silence, especially those who are freelance and need to accept every engagement they are offered to survive financially.

But many of these difficulties are the result of many hours and years of practicing and performing in a way that has not made the optimal “use” of the body’s muscular skeletal system. And such “mis-use” has become so habitual (and perhaps therefore sub-conscious) that it becomes hard to identify and rectify it without external help.

The Alexander Technique is a method of neuro-muscular re-education that helps one to regain conscious control of the basic movements in daily activities and ultimately of the more specialised tasks involved in music-making and other skills.

The Alexander Technique has been integrated into the curriculum of many major music and drama academies in Europe and the USA for over half a century. Michael and Theodora are trained Alexander Technique teachers with 50 years of teaching experience between them. We hope you will join us for this workshop so we can show you how making music does not have to involve the pain and discomfort that afflicts so many musicians.

The workshop will be held mainly in English.
Please wear comfortable clothes.