Alexander-Technik Studio (Graz)

The Alexander Technique Studio (Graz) is planning to start a three-year teacher training course in April 2020.

The course provides the training required to become a GATOE qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique with over 1,600 hours, a minimum 1:4 teacher:student ratio, running Mondays to Thursdays.

The Director of Training is Jean M. O. Fischer (teaching since 1987), assisted by Regina Stratil (teaching since 2014). Jean Fischer taught
for five years on the North of England Teacher Training Course in Leeds, for twelve years at the London Alexander Technique Studio (as Assistant Director), and for four years at the Constructive Teaching Centre in London.

Our website contains further information about us, our approach to teacher training, the course structure, the term dates and how to apply.

The training course is an international course and the main language is English.

+43 316 319 468