Workshop und Privatstunden mit Dorothea Magonet

Dorothea MagonetM wird am Sonntag den 29. März 2020 mit der Unterstützung von GATOE einen Workshop mit dem Thema:
More on Shoulders, Arms and Hands - Exploring Directed Work and Efficient Recovery geben.

Der Workshop findet im schönen Therapiezentrum Kranich in der Kuefsteingasse 15-19 im 14. Bezirk von 10-13 Uhr statt.



30 Euro für GATOE-Mitglieder

25 Euro für studentische GATOE-Mitglieder, vorzugsweise im 3. Ausbildungsjahr

40 Euro für sonstige Lehrer und Studenten

Dorothea wird auch von Freitag bis Sonntag Privatstunden geben.

65 Euro für Lehrer

50 Euro für "junge" Lehrer (bis zu 1 Jahr seit dem Abschluss)

40 Euro für Studenten.


Die Privatstunden werden in der Franzensgasse 5/47 im 5. Bezirk stattfinden.

Unten findet ihr mehr zum Thema des WS und Informationen über Dorothea.

Sie spricht übrigens Deutsch und Englisch.

Ab sofort kann ich eure Anmeldungen für den WS entgegennehmen (
Auch bei Interesse an Privatstunden bitte ich um eure Nachricht.

More on Shoulders, Arms and Hands - Exploring Directed Work and Efficient Recovery.
In this workshop I would like to share with you some practical activities around the theme of shoulders, arms and hands in relation to our whole system. Through performing movements we will examine issues, questions, habits and strongly held beliefs we may have about the use of our shoulders, arms and hands and how these may interfere with our primary directions and our freedom of use. Thinking about functional anatomical connections, we will do some hands-on work to assist the pupil in developing good dynamic connections of the upper limbs with primary organisation of head, neck and back, and legs. This then will lead us to experiment with non-doing and doing, i.e. working and recovering with inhibition and direction. This enquiry grew out of difficulties with my shoulders and working with the needs of music students and instrumentalist. Any feedback will be welcome.

Dorothea Magonet, London, MSTAT, HonARAM
Prior to training as an Alexander teacher with Misha Magidov at the North London School of the Alexander Technique in 1981, Dorothea worked full-time for 7 years as a physiotherapist, including gaining experience in Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy.

Since 1984 she has been teaching Alexander Technique in her private practice and at the Royal Academy of Music, London. There she organised and held the first two conferences entitled: Teaching the Alexander Technique in Music Colleges. She has been teaching on the Performing Self program, an extended professional development program for Alexander teachers wishing to develop additional skills for teaching performing artists and in institutions. Dorothea has also taught the Alexander Technique for the Shaw Method of Swimming teacher training courses.

Dorothea was the Main Assistant for the Westminster Alexander Training Course, London, and teaches regularly as a visiting teacher on training courses in Europe and Japan. 2007 she became STAT student Moderator for several STAT training courses and is co-chair of the STAT Moderators Panel. From 1994 until 2004 she served on STAT council including as Chair, as Chair of International Liaison and the Training Course Committee.

She has lectured and given workshops at International Congresses of the Alexander Technique; she teaches and holds workshops for pupils and teachers in Estonia, Finland, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK.

She is also a practicing and exhibiting fine artist and sculptor.