07.04. bis 08.04. (Wien)

Breathing and the Voice Understanding the Whispere...

Everyone familiar with the Alexander Technique has heard of the whispered “ah,” which F. M. Alexander taught to his students and which many teachers of the Alexander Technique teach today. Yet even among students and teachers of the Alexander Technique, the real meaning of the whispered “ah” remains largely mysterious. Is it a form of relaxation, designed to help us to slow down the breathing, to quiet our nervous system, or to more fully oxygenate our blood? Is it a way of engaging the larynx that utilizes less effort than normal vocalizing and, for this reason, will somehow indirectly improve vocalizing? Or is it more directly related to producing sound and, if so, how? In this workshop, we will look at the true purpose of the whispered “ah,” how to produce a whispered sound, and how to apply it to vocalizing as the basis for restoring the innate ability to vocalize effortlessly which, for most of us, has been lost. In the workshop we will look at how breathing takes place, how it relates to producing sound, and at the purpose of the whispered “ah” procedure. We will then look at the elements of the whispered “ah” and how to produce each in turn and at how to apply it to vocalizing, both in recitation and in singing. Alexander students and teachers are invited to participate in this experiential and practical workshop, taught by Theodore Dimon.
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